AltspaceVR Introduces New Controls for Event Hosts

Ahoy, Altspacers!

Event hosting in AltspaceVR just got easier. New features and controls have been added for our community hosts who want better control over their events. Interact with audience members while you present with the new Hand Raise toggle button, Presentation Kit and Free Floating Web Browser.

Our Front Row technology allows the performer to be ‘On-Air’ across as many instances of the VR venue as are needed to support the number of interested attendants of that particular event.

Avatar in Altspace with the radial menu, Presentation panel and browser icon visible.

New Hand Raise Toggle for Audience Members

  • Previously in AltspaceVR, audience members had to use the ‘Hand Raise Emoji’ to ask questions during an event. Now members have access to the ‘Hand Raise’ toggle button to notify hosts of their questions. 
  • All audience members in a Front Row Event now have access to the Hand Raise toggle button, which can be found in the User Presentation Kit.

Raising your hand

  • Audience members with their hands raised will be added to the hosts’ Presentation Panel. Hosts do not have to proceed down a numeric value, but have the ability to pick and choose on members with their hands raised.
  • Members can un-raise their hands by un-toggling the ‘Hand Raise’ button.
View of the Presentation control panel with the hand raise icon selected.

Event Hosts

  • Event hosts now have access to a Presentation Kit which features a new control menu to facilitate the event hosting experience.
  • Hosts have access to the ‘Hand Raise’ button, allowing them to see everyone in the space with their hands raised and choose to manually mirror that member.
  • From the presenters point of view, as soon as someone raises their hand in any of the FrontRow Spaces, the Hand Raise button in the Presenter Controls will select (highlight blue). There, hosts have access to the Hand Raise Panel. Users with their hands raised are sectioned off in rows.

Hand Raise Panel

  • From that Hand Raise Panel, hosts have the option to dismiss all inquiries or dismiss a particular inquiry, which is essentially to lower that members’ hand.
  • Hosts can also mirror members with their hands raised so that everyone can see them. Hosts also have the option of un-mirroring members when they are done talking.


  • For those in 2D mode, you can move the presentation panel around by pressing down on the middle cross ‘Select Button’. You can also modify the size of this panel.
  • For those using the 6DOF controllers, you can simply target the panel, grab it, resize it and move it around.
  • Toggle the ‘Pin Button’ to have the presentation panel follow you around. When users toggle the ‘Pin Button’ off, the presentation panel will behave as though it’s part of the space. Users can walk away or return to the presentation panel.
  • Presentation panels are unique to individual users. Anyone who is a host can see the panel, but all hosts have the option of resizing or moving their panels independently.
Two side by side views of 
the Presentation panel, radial menu and browser window shown in two different positions.

Free Floating Web Browser for Hosts

  • Presenters have access to the free floating web browser, including various broadcast web texture features.
  • Click on the button ‘Web’ in the Presenter Control area to enable the Free Floating Web Browser. Participants can navigate to whatever content they so wish to present.
  • What is unique about the Free Floating Web Browser is how the content is being shared. With this web browser, audience members can basically see what is on the presenter’s screen versus having to access that URL through their own individual browsers, and therefore, avoids all authentication/login issues.
  • Now you are ready to present! Toggle on the ‘Broadcast Button’ below to share your contents to everyone in the room.