New meditation activity

Virtual reality offers a reprieve from the outside world and now you can visit your own Japanese Dojo on a watery world for your escape. Choose between a variety of different guided meditations and take a seat. All of your senses will be politely lulled into a calm state.

A list of meditations and times in AltspaceVR: Calming, Vipassana, Breathing, Equanimity, Stability, Self Love, Big Mind, Emotions, No Self, Clear.

AltspaceVR has been in the news for meditation before with our popular group meditation classes. Now we’ve made it easy for any visitor to host their own meditation class or enter a solo version of the experience.

A beautiful, serene view down a long hallway, one wall is a large window looking out onto a quiet ocean.

Click “host activity” and choose meditation from the list of options. Choose “meditation (solo)” for an individual experience. Then settle into your virtual meditation.

The virtual light in us recognizes the virtual light in you. Namaste Altspacers.

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