New “Playground” makes AltspaceVR the fastest way
to create cross-platform content for virtual reality

Posted on December 21, 2016

We’re making it easier than every to develop apps that run in AltspaceVR. Our team released a beta version of “Playground”: a massive update to our SDK (software developers kit). Our SDK is a way of making 3D websites that appear as holographic applications in a virtual world. We’ve used this for our Dungeons and Dragons game and other activities in AltspaceVR.

As of today, anyone who wants to make a game in AltspaceVR can do so by joining our SDK slack to get started. SDK developers can use A-Frame components to manipulate a variety of native AltspaceVR resources and features, including architectural building blocks, particle effects, physically blocking colliders, positional sounds, and more! Additionally, we’ve ported over our Firebase synchronization functionality from the Three.js SDK. These represent a huge jump in the power available to our developers, and we are very excited to see what you produce. For a complete description of the new features available, you should check out the updated A-Frame documentation, and the Native Components FAQ.

Alongside the new SDK features, we are launching a new developer-only activity: the SDK Playground. During the beta test, this is the only space that the native resources work in. Once the feature set stabilizes, we look forward to opening up native resources to apps in all spaces.

You’ve been asking for these features, and we listened! Thanks to all the SDK developers for making AltspaceVR such a fun and interesting place to be!

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