Announcing New Seasonal Interactibles!

Posted on April 1, 2020

Spring has sprung and brought with it some goodies. Today we’re excited to announce brand new Easter egg interactables! The best part? These eggs (unlike the delicious chocolate ones) are shareable! We’ve released them in a special public kit, so now you can enjoy a good old Easter egg hunt anywhere and anytime. Simply open your World Editor, select Altspace, then select kits and look out for the one labeled “Easter.”

There are 12 eggs total. Can you find them all?

Not sure you’re quite ready to organize a whole Easter egg hunt of your own? No pressure. Get those practice rounds in at the Campfire. We’ve hidden eggs all throughout the hub spaces, to give you plenty of opportunity to sharpen those hunting skills.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of things and decide you’re ready to go pro, join The Rooftop crew for their awesome event, The Hunt (Apr 1 at 4:30p PDT). Here you’ll explore several Worlds filled with secret eggs. Play alone or in a team. You’ll have all month to compete!

Lastly, if egg hunting isn’t your thing don’t worry! The Easter Egg interactables are yours to do with as you please. Spin up a game of egg toss, decorate your home-space, carry them around like pets… the possibilities are endless!

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