Welcome Oculus Go! We’re excited to have you here.

Posted on May 9, 2018

Are you a proud, new owner of an Oculus Go? We’re excited to welcome you to the AltspaceVR community! Pick up your headset, controller and dive right in. Search for AltspaceVR in the store and download the app. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do so. Discover our live events— where you can hang out with real people in virtual reality. Play interactive games with friends. Explore our communities and connect with friendly people. Create your AltspaceVR account here

What you can do in AltspaceVR

No matter what time of day, there’s always something going on in AltspaceVR. Hang out with real people in VR and attend our free live events. We have Improv Nights, comedy shows by Upright Citizens Brigade, dance parties, live music performances, AMAs, Rocket Parties, film screenings, and so much more. If you’re a fan of game nights, we have over 30 activities to choose from. Organize a game of Holograms Against Humanity, Dungeons & Dragons, poker, or our newest game Trigger Words. Unleash your inner creative and paint a masterpiece in SculpTogether. Just chill with friends in your Homespace and binge on your favourite YouTube series.

Check out our Events Calendar to see what’s going on. 

Meetups & Community Groups

Have you explored our community channels? We have book clubs, slumber parties, watch parties and dance parties (did I mention parties?). Our most famous meetups include the SDK Developer meetups for developers and designers where you can get the latest info on the AltspaceVR SDK and community projects. Our LGBTQ+ Friends meetup has expanded to unimaginable heights as they offer support, encourage, and love from all corners of the world. And last but not least, the Women in VR meetup is an open, welcoming space for women to share ideas, experiences and build a future of equality and infinite possibilities.

AltspaceVR Oculus Go

Host your next meeting in Virtual Reality

Why not hold your next meeting in VR? At AltspaceVR, you can host unlimited attendees. Customize your space from a wide selection of environments and be the host you’ve always wanted to be. Create any event— community discussions, book clubs, movie nights, even a meditation session. It’s easy! Discover tools like our Presentation Kit and Free Floating Web Browser and this blog post to get started.

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