Introducing VR Capture

Using VR as a medium eliminates cost, time, and other barriers related to travel, distance, and venues. Now, thanks to VR Capture, your events can be captured and then scheduled for a fully immersive VR experience at a later time for groups of any size.

Give everyone a front row seat

AltspaceVR’s FrontRow technology mirrors performers’ avatars to all the audience locations. The performance spaces are automatically added as more people join. The performer’s gestures and voice are instantly shared to every audience member.

Who's using AltspaceVR

New York Times bestselling authors, political corespondents, comedians, game creators, tech leaders, and entertainers have connected with a new audience in virtual reality. Now you can too.

Cross Platform

VR has hit the consumer market. Thanks to Samsung Gear VR, fans can attend your events from their phone. We also support Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and 2D mode on Mac and PC.