Play Boss Monster in Virtual Reality

Posted on February 16, 2016

Where is the best place to play an 8 bit retro-celebrating card game?
In virtual reality of course. We’ve transported Cerebellus, Draculord, Gorgona and the Brainsucker Hive into a virtual dungeon on AltspaceVR and preserved their 2D perfection. Come play on February 23rd and win Boss Monster Decks and other schwag.

boss monster gif smallest

Don’t know AltspaceVR? Prepare to be amazed!
The AltspaceVR app is taking the isolation out of VR by bringing social games to a virtual space. Now you can shuck your feeble human body and step into a robot or human avatar and get together to play with other fans. Set up your account and enter AltspaceVR now.

Copy of AltSpaceVR BossMonster Card

Don’t have a fancy shmancy virtual reality headset yet?
You can play the game on your desktop no problem. You won’t get the “my-brain’s-melting-out-of-my-eyeballs-from-awesomeness!” feeling until you can steal your friend’s Samsung Gear VR, Oculus DK2 or HTC Vive but it will still make your brain ooze a little. Or you can buy a $100 Samsung Gear VR, the choice is yours Boss Monster.

Copy of AltspaceVR BossMonster Instructions

Boss Monster Day in AltspaceVR is February 23rd! Come play, meet the founders and experience Boss Monster in all of its virtual world goodness.

Haven’t played before?
Come Monster Apprentice! Learn the ways of this epic dungeon building card game with tutorials all day on February 23rd. We’ll have a learn room setup with video and helpful minions to teach you the ropes (and drop you in a bottomless pit to welcome you to the family).

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