Play Jackbox Games in AltspaceVR

Posted on May 5, 2020

There’s nothing like a fun game to get your friends laughing, your heart pumping, and to give your brain a nice distraction from the status quo. That’s why… it’s game on for Jackbox Games in AltspaceVR! You may have heard of crowd-favorites like “Drawful”, “Quiplash” or “Fibbage” and maybe you’ve even been playing these games with your friends IRL (at a safe distance of 6 feet, we hope). Well now you can set up and play round after round of these fun, digital games right from your very own homespace or watch-party!

But wait… there’s more! Jackbox Games is also hosting Celebrity Jackbox: Games & Giving, a gaming livestream every Friday at 6:00p PT with a live cast of celebrities! On the show, celebrities will play Jackbox games from home via video conference, while celebrating a not-for-profit organization that is tackling the fallout from the crisis head on. Every week, Jackbox Games will be donating $100,000 to the featured charity.

Playing Jack Box Games remotely using Altspace VR.

To play Jack box one of you will need a copy of the game (on Xbox or PC) and the ability to broadcast to mixer. Here’s where you can purchase.

Once you’ve got your copy of Jackbox Games, you can set up your gaming livestream in your own homespace or even by hosting a watch-party event!

Create a Mixer Account

When you broadcast for the first time on your Xbox console, we automatically create a Mixer account for you – and the Mixer account name will probably be similar to your Xbox gamertag.

To start managing your Mixer account info and other settings, go to, select Sign up > Microsoft, enter your Microsoft account info and then select the profile icon in the upper-right corner.

To broadcast with an existing Mixer account, you’ll need to link it to your Microsoft account (the one you use to sign in to Xbox).

Xbox Setup

To use Mixer to broadcast a game you’re playing:

  1. Launch a game.
  2. Press the Xboxbutton  to open the guide and then go to the Capture & share
  3. Select Start broadcasting.

Note You can only broadcast what you see on your screen when you’re in a game. If you go to your dashboard or switch games, your Mixer broadcast will be paused.

PC Setup

There are several ways to stream to mixer from your PC:

STREAMLABS OBS (Recommended) 




Getting Set Up in AltspaceVR  

Now that you are broadcasting make sure to pick the Jack Box min game you want to play and make sure you are waiting on the “waiting for players screen”

Once you are broadcasting to Mixer you can open up the Mixer player by simply clicking on the play button.

From there click on search and type the name of your channel (it should be named after your mixer login).


Playing in AltspaceVR  

Now that you can see the game running in VR you can login to play in one of two ways:

Phone/Tablet (for 2D PC users)

Log into from your preferred mobile browser and type in the room code shown on the screen.

Virtual Browser (for users in VR)

Setting up an event? Use this image to guide your guests.

Open a virtual browser using your HUD, to play the game. See image below:

Once your browser is open, go to and type in your unique room code to enter the game.

Once it’s open, you can grab, resize and re-position the browser. (Don’t worry no one can see your personal browser but you. It’s cheat-proof!)

Have fun, gaming!

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