Render Tools Announcement

Attn: Altspace Creators & World Builders,

As promised, we’re providing you with a preview build for the upcoming “Render Tools” update and giving you access to our new Uploader.

We wanted to give you plenty of advance notice to be able to get your updates in and not lose any of your content. And with that said, you MUST “Upgrade” by September 15, 2021. Your worlds will not be accessible after this date.

Alright, here’s what’s new and what’s changing…

Altspace Uploader 2

Our new uploader is much more user-friendly and includes some new features. As with anything new, there may be a learning curve, but the old functionality remains the same.  Get the new uploader today from the Mixed Reality Feature Tool, or use the direct link to download the uploader.

(Note: This new uploader ONLY supports the new render setup. Continue to use the old one for anything being used now.)

New templates window in basic mode
New kits window in advanced mode
New kits window in advanced mode
New kit prefab formatter window
New kit prefab formatter window

Once you have updated your worlds, fixed shaders, fixed lighting and uploaded back into Altspace, you can use the below preview build to test and make sure your worlds work.

Preview Build (for testing)

This is not a fully functional version of Altspace, so don’t panic if some things don’t work. It’s strictly designed for testing your worlds. If your world works in the preview build, then it will work once we flip the switch on 9/15. Download the preview that matches your preferred device from the list below:

As a little refresher, here are the updates we plan on making, and the reasons behind them, which we included in our last communication two weeks ago. 

Switching to Unity’s URP

Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline has evolved into a powerful graphics solution that delivers beauty with speed and performance, and it’s supported on all platforms Unity targets. Altspace is looking at adopting this to make our worlds better across all platforms. Specific benefits include:

  • Faster Framerate
  • Shader Graph Support
  • New Post Processing Effects
  • Altspace will run better on all platforms

*Some shaders will require updates to be compatible with URP.
**With this update pending, builders should be using URP-compatible shaders from here on out.    

Altspace Uploader 2 

  • Supports batch uploading 
  • More stable 
  • Includes tools to help you migrate old content 
  • Automatically updates shaders where possible 
  • Manages updates in-app 
  • Altspace supported 

Moving to Linear Color Space 

  • Removes the oversaturation caused by Gamma Color Space, allowing for more realistic lighting effects 
  • Improved colors from texture sampling when rendering 
  • Higher quality lighting effects at a reduced cost 

More info about Linear Color Space.

Switching to SPI

  • Faster frame rates 
  • Lower CPU usage 
  • Increased detail and complexity of scenes 
  • Altspace will run better on VR 

As always, thank you for your support of Altspace, and your patience as we continue to improve the product and experience. 

Please do reach out via the usual channels with questions as they arise.  

And again, please start working on these updates so as not to miss the September 15 deadline. We don’t want anyone to lose any content.

Happy Friday, folks!   

Team Altspace