Security Updates & Changes to Media Sharing

Hello, Altspacers!

As many of you know, the recent weeks have brought with them an uptick in griefers, hackers, and trolls. Our Events and Moderation teams, as well as our Community Helpers and other community members have been working collaboratively to try to alleviate the resulting disruptions. We are saddened by the attacks and the effect they’re having on the people who use AltspaceVR to connect with friends or enjoy events. However, we are also grateful for a community that has come together and rallied around solutions. Let’s continue to do our best to enjoy ourselves, and not let a small group of trolls ruin the fun.

In the meantime, we want to confirm that our Development Team has been prioritizing relief efforts to address and prevent future troll attacks. We have uncovered that, as a part of the ongoing effort to secure AltspaceVR, it is necessary for us to push an update that will disable the Native Browser and Jukebox Player for PC users (personal browsers for mobile users will not be impacted). This update will also render the old browser-based SDK unusable and will sunset any apps running on the old SDK (apps written with the MRE SDK will be unaffected).  This is an unfortunate but unavoidable requirement in our efforts to seriously and efficiently secure the experience in the short term. We will be pushing this update the last week of August, and ask all event hosts and individuals who currently rely on the Native Browser, Jukebox, or any old browser-based SDK apps to please plan accordingly.

We understand this is not an ideal change and we apologize for any disruptions this may have on users and upcoming events. In an effort to offer workable solutions, we recommend switching from the Native Browser/Jukebox to the Multimedia Console in order to view and share media like images, videos, and presentations. A detailed guide on how to use the Multimedia Console can be found here.

In the coming weeks we will also be releasing a new feature that will enable PC-based browser sharing in-world. This will unlock additional options and make browser sharing more reliable. This forthcoming feature, combined with the Multimedia Console, will help stabilize not only the media-sharing experience, but will also allow our team to continue to make necessary infrastructural security updates that will make AltspaceVR more reliable as a whole.

We appreciate the patience and flexibility of our community during this transition. Our Events, Community, and Moderation teams will continue to offer support, answer questions, and collect feedback so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Thanks everyone.

8/4: Article has been updated to reflect the plan to push changes during the last week of August.