Stay connected with new friendship tools

Posted on July 20, 2016

It’s easier than ever to stay connected with your friends in AltspaceVR using our new social tools. See when your friends are online, visit them with the click of a button, and send them text messages.

How to make a friend request
This feature is the first in a series of tools that make it easy to hang out with friends in VR. Send a friend request to someone nearby by tapping on the big blue friend icon in their name-tag. The other person will receive a notification from you.

Once they accept, you can see them on your Friend’s List. Here, you can see a list of your friends and their online status. If they’re not in a private space, you can visit them. To accept the friend requests of others, click the Friend Requests tab. You’ll soon be able to friend people that are offline.

New messaging feature
Friends can now message each other when they’re in the same space. Once you’re friends, you’ll see a message button on your friend’s name-tag. Click that to start a message. Your friends will see the message appear in front of them.

How to accept friend request
You find and accept friend’s requests in the new Friend Menu. Click on the request to accept.

Mock - Friend Requests (1)


  1. I followed a bunch of people. Will they automatically become my friends?
    No, people you follow will not automatically become your friends. However you can use the Following Menu under People Menu to visit the people you follow and use the new friending tool to send a request. We will be discontinuing the Follow Menu under People after a period of time. Be sure to find the people you want to friend before then.
  2. I clicked on the name-tag but didn’t see the “friend” button?
    You must be in the same space and in close proximity to someone to friend them.
  3. Can I add someone who is not online?
    No. We will be adding a feature so you can friend people when they are offline.
  4. Can I write my own messages?
    Yes. We made canned messages for ease of use but you can type your own message to send.
  5. If I change my mind and unfriend someone, do they get a notification that I unfriended them?
    If you unfriend someone, they will not get a notification. However, they will no longer see you on their Friend Menu and will see that you are not friends on your name-tag.
  6. What information do friends see about me?
    Friends will see your username next to your first name. They will see if you are online and if you are in a public space, they will see a button to visit you.

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