Start a conVRsation

Ever wonder if the thing you’re thinking about, is also on the mind of someone else? Wouldn’t it be nice if connecting with like-minded people was easier? Well, you’re in luck! VR has the power to connect you to all those great minds who are pondering the same things as you!

Now finding those people in the metaverse poses its own challenge, understandably. So we’ve done our best to help you get started by hosting a “conVRsation.”

What’s a “conVRsation”?

It’s like a chat room in VR. (Literally.) It’s an informal “event type” that allows you to quickly and easily connect with like-minded people for a focused chat. Starting a conVRsation lets other Altspacers know you’re interested in connecting, discussing, or learning more about something. If your interests match, people can come join your conVRsation!

Can you give me an example?

Yep! Interested in Education in VR and want to talk to other pedagogical enthusiasts? Start an “Edu in VR” conVRsation!
Got a new puppy and need advice on house breaking? Start a “Dog Training” conVRsation and collect helpful tips and suggestions from our community.

What do I need in order to start a conVRsation?

Nothing- other than an idea to discuss. No need to plan ahead, build out a presentation, or structure a whole formal event. Just start a “quick event” and get started immediately or schedule your conVRsation for a future date/time.

But don’t I need a bunch of stuff like an event description and a tile image?

Yes, you do. But… we’ve taken care of that for you by creating a conVRsations resource kit. All you need to do to start your own conVRsation is just copy & paste!

How will people know about my conVRsation?

Great minds think alike so telepathy is a strong start. To help, your conVRsation will also be listed under the “Events” section of AltspaceVR so folks can discover it and join you for a chat. If you’re creating a conVRsation for a future date/time, we recommend selecting the “feature my event” option. And, as always, sharing your event to your social media pages is a great way to help spread the word.