The Real People of AltspaceVR: Meet Fae

Posted on February 3, 2017

You can often find Fae socializing in AltspaceVR, hanging out with old friends and making new ones. She’s been a fan of AltspaceVR since April of last year when she got her Oculus Rift and was “looking for a place to hang out in a social environment with people in VR.” Lucky for us, she found AltspaceVR.

After hosting a karaoke event in the Halloween space (appropriately called Scaryoke), Fae had the idea to get her feet wet with the SDK and design her own custom space to host similar events. (If you’re unfamiliar, the SDK is a set of software tools that allows developers to create customized experiences in VR.) Thus, Fae’s rainbow sing-along space was born.

When it comes to a penchant for rainbows, Fae’s room is second only to Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road. Complete with a disco ball, rainbow shag rug, song lyrics displayed on the wall, and posters of bands from Elvis to ABBA, this room is a worthy tribute to all things classic rock.

“I was trying to come up with songs I wanted to do with the sing-along, and as they continually kept coming down on paper, everything seemed to point to the oldies — to the classic hits. And that’s what inspired this [room], I wanted to have the artists, I wanted to have posters of the artists everywhere, and I wanted to have lyrics of some of the greatest songs around the wall — and it just ended up being rainbow.”

Her first sing-along went off without a hitch and included a particularly inspired rendition of “Let it be”. Fae is proof that anyone can learn to create their own space in AltspaceVR: “It was really easy once I started, I totally recommend it to anybody.” Next she plans to open up a malt shop in the Rainbow space, so be sure to tune in to her next sing-along and ‘shake’ your avatar.


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