The Real People of AltspaceVR: Meet Kai

Posted on January 20, 2017

AltspaceVR is lucky to have a talented group of community developers who use our software tools (or SDK) to bring things to life in VR from their own imaginations. Whether it’s custom spaces, games, interactables, or anything else they dream up, these developers use their talents to enhance the AltspaceVR experience.

Kai, an SDK developer and avid musician, was looking for a better way to express his musical talents in VR, so he set his sights on creating a MIDI piano. “Playing my piano through the microphone was just not cutting it,” Kai explained, “so after many weeks of learning the SDK and trial and error, I finally got something working.”

AltspaceVR is a place where people can experience things together in virtual reality, and in that vein, Kai made sure to include multiplayer capabilities. “Multiplayer adds to the experience, so you can play a piano in VR with your friends. I wanted to create the ability for other people to use the app to hang out and communicate with each other in AltspaceVR.”

When asked what keeps him coming back to AltspaceVR, he replied: “The tools are really powerful but easy to use… it’s just amazing to see people come in who have no experience developing, see their growth and everybody coming together to help. That’s why I stick around.” Near the end of his MIDI piano debut, he kindly offered to help one of the attendees who expressed interest in becoming an SDK developer. When Kai isn’t building VR pianos, he’s helping build the AltspaceVR community.


If you’d like to try Kai’s MIDI piano for yourself, please send a request to

If you’re interested in joining our community of developers, feel free to visit or attend one of their meetups every other Thursday at 6:00 PM PST in AltspaceVR.

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