Play & create

AltspaceVR is a place to meet up with friends, play games like Boss Monster and DnD, and attend events. It’s also a place to create your own events for the community or just for your close friends. Host a tech talk, philosophy meetup, game, or watch a movie. The possibilities are literally endless.

Disc Golf

Take a leisurely stroll along our futuristic disc golf course in AltspaceVR. Your goal is to ricochet your disc off of walls and through windows to make it to a glowing portal.


AltspaceVR hosts the first comedy shows in VR with stand out stand-ups. Come for a show and stay for the laughs. You’ll be watching in a crowd of people from all over the world.

Sketchy Quiz

Play trivia with real people in virtual reality. Players form teams and answer questions by drawing out answers on magic whiteboards. Ready to play?


Can you survive the hardest maze in virtual reality? Deep in the jungle, a Mayan temple guards an ancient treasure. Surrounded by impenetrable jungle, the only entrance is through a vast labyrinth only the smartest and bravest can navigate — will you prove yourself worthy? 

Art Gallery

AltspaceVR turns Tumblr into your own personal gallery. We also host events to showcase new artists.


Want to practice a language? We have visitors from all over the world who host language nights. Don’t see your language available? Host your own and invite the community.

Tech Talk

The VR industry is changing fast. What better way to stay on top of everything than in VR? We hold regular SDK dev team meetups and other tech-focused events.