New Welcome Features: Title Screen & Entry Codes

Posted on March 30, 2021

First impressions are important, so today we’re launching a two brand new “Welcome” features to make the AltspaceVR startup and entry flow simpler and more productive: a Title Screen and Entry Codes.

Title Screen

The Title Screen is a one-stop-shop for things like content discovery, event and world entry, and even account management. Now, when you log in to AltspaceVR you will first arrive at the Title Screen. Here you’ll have quick access to all of the core navigational and discovery functions usually found in your Main Menu and various other Settings. (Don’t worry, your Main Menu and Settings haven’t changed. You just now have two options for finding them.)

From the Title Screen you will be able to do things like:

  • Manage your account – Sign in, switch accounts, link your Microsoft Account, and more
  • Explore “Destinations” – teleport directly to Hub spaces like the Campfire, check out any live events your friends might be in, hop over to your own Homespace
  • Open your Main Menu – Browse the Events Calendar, explore Worlds, customize your Avatar, see which of your friends are online, and manage your Settings.

Entry Codes

Sometimes you just need to get where you’re going. The new Entry Code feature allows you to teleport directly into an Event or World of your choice, straight from the Title Screen.

Every Event and World in AltspaceVR now generates an automatic six-character Entry Code. These can be found in-world by navigating to the Event or World page > selecting “Info” and > selecting “Share.” On the website, Entry Codes can be found just below the social-share icons on Event and World pages.

Whether you’re new to AltspaceVR or you’re a seasoned member of the community, we hope you enjoy the new “Welcome” features. Share your thoughts with us at and keep an eye out for future updates-to-come!

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