Updating Content to Unity 2020.3.9

Cool news! AltspaceVR has upgraded to a recent version of Unity 2020.3.9. This update future-proofs us for some snappy features that we’re excited to unleash down the road. This change should be compatible with all existing content. If it’s not, please reach out to support: altvr.com/support.

Even cooler news! In a few weeks we’re making a significant change to our stereo rendering mode. We’re upgrading to single pass instancing which will allow for significant performance improvements in your worlds. This will mean faster frame rates, lower CPU usage and overall enhanced experience.

Please note, the move to SPI requires all current content (worlds/kits) to be updated as soon as possible, in order to avoid breaking changes. If you are a content creator, please begin the update process immediately to ensure your content is SPI-compatible.

The upgrade to Unity 2020.3.9 will also affect headset and store-build compatibility. It’s now a requirement that you download AltspaceVR from the store that is compatible with your headset. Windows Mixed Reality users should download AltspaceVR from the Windows Store, SteamVR users from Steam, and Oculus Rift from the Oculus Store.

Read more about the Unity 2020.3.9 changes.