Upright Citizens Brigade brings Definitely Dying podcast to AltspaceVR

Posted on March 29, 2017

On March 23rd, hypochondriac-comedians Ben Axelrad and Madeline Walter hosted the first VR version of their popular podcast, Definitely Dying, in AltspaceVR. Produced by the well-known comedy group, Upright Citizens Brigade, their show provides a safe space for listeners and funny friends to talk openly about their medical dramas (both real and imagined).

In this episode, Ben and Madeline were joined by actor-comedian Nathan Barnatt in some virtual hilarity that had the audience in pain from laughter. The fun didn’t stop there, the event also included a quiz to give away a Definitely Dying t-shirt, at least a few tales from the audience of past injuries (most of which involved impressing a crush), and a room-wide rendition of knee sounds (words don’t do this justice, you’ll have to watch the video):

After all, it’s always better to laugh together than cry alone.

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