Fall in friend-love during our special Valentine’s events in AltspaceVR

Posted on February 7, 2019

Valentine’s Week in AltspaceVR

A full-on dance party is going on not once, but twice for Valentine’s Day. What better way to feel the love than to join us in the Heart Room?

RSVP Part I @ 11 AM PT

RSVP Part II @ 5:30 PM PT

Keegan’s Birthday & Connection Workshop //
Easy get-to-know you questions and then fast-track to meaningful conversations.
RSVP Friday, Feb 8th

Yunjiverse – Valentine’s Day Special //
Bring a dance partner to this live acoustic performance.
RSVP Friday, Feb 9th

Compliment Battle //
Have you ever wanted to compliment someone so bad your heart almost burst?
RSVP Friday, Feb 10th

The Rooftop Valentine’s Day Special //

Experience an event like you have never before. It’s entertainment with a view.
RSVP Friday, Feb 11th

Create Virtual Hangout Spaces for Friends & Family //
If you have any questions about using the Space Editor or need some help with a Worlds project you’re working on, join us for a World-Building demo.
RSVP Friday, Feb 12th

Calen Builds the Perfect Partner //
As she builds, Calen will take suggestions and advice from the audience to ensure the partner she builds is truly perfect.
RSVP Friday, Feb 14th

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