Talk VR with the Creators of VR

The head of Vive Studios, Joel Breton, and the developers of Arcade Saga come to AltspaceVR for an interactive talk about HTC’s new initiative to make and produce VR content.

What is Vive Studios?

Vive Studios is HTC’s new internal development and publishing initiative for VR content. Vive Studios will bring to market VR content created by internal studios as well as through publishing partnerships with external developers.

Arcade Saga, Vive Studio's Debut Title

The fast-paced VR game is a first-party title for HTC Vive developed by internal studio 2 Bears Studio. As a newly born A.I. entity, battle through 3 different futuristic sports—Fracture, Smash and Bowshot—to escape slavery at the hands of the Overlords.

Who are 2 Bears Studio?

Lead by long time game industry veterans and primarily focused on games, 2 Bears’ mission is to create compelling entertainment that showcases and maximizes the capabilities of HTC’s cutting edge hardware. 2 Bears Studio is a first-party, internal studio at Vive Studios.