AltspaceVR events now replayed for different time zones

Posted on November 9, 2016

You can now watch AltspaceVR content scheduled for your time zone whether you’re in Europe, Australia or Antarctica (as long as you have internet). Thanks to our newest feature, VR Capture, live VR shows in AltspaceVR can be recorded and played back. 

vrcapture-wordpressIt all starts tomorrow with an all day VR Capture marathon with encore showings of Reggie Watts and Justin Roiland, Duncan Trussell and more. Watch our events page for scheduled showings of our best past programming.

“VR Capture is an important breakthrough for the development and growth of VR as a medium,” said Eric Romo, CEO, AltspaceVR. “Being able to capture and playback events that happens in AltspaceVR will encourage artists, creators and performers to leverage their talents and better satisfy a growing VR market that is hungry for content.”


That was then, this is now

We’re combining social VR and the concept of television by putting you inside a VR show with other people at a time that works for you. Most other forms of electronic communications–telephone, radio, video, video conferencing, television–depend on the ability to record and replay content. VR Capture brings evolution to the VR market.


With VR Capture, performers and select others are recorded in full VR, including their avatar, movements, voice and music. General audience members are not captured unless they raise their hand to participate in the event. Audience emojis are also captured so attending a captured performance feels just like the original experience.

What this means for performers

It’s been an incredible season of events in AltspaceVR. Comedians, news anchors, singers, artists and teachers are using AltspaceVR to connect to their audience. While VR Capture opens the door for a variety of creative applications, AltspaceVR will initially be using it for the capture and playback of live events, making them more accessible for audiences around the world.

altspace-vrcapture-3Using VR as a medium eliminates cost, time, and other barriers related to travel, distance, and venues. People can easily join, but scheduling for fans located across time zones is a challenge. Now, for the first time, our events can be captured and then scheduled for a fully immersive VR experience at a later time for groups of any size. Want to know more? Click here.

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