Step 1: Download AltspaceVR

AltspaceVR is available in VR and in 2D mode on PC. To get started, download the app from your preferred store.

Step 2: Sign in or Create an Account

Once you’ve downloaded the app, launch it. If it’s your first time in AltspaceVR, you will be greeted with our Terms of Service. Accept to continue.

Welcome to AltspaceVR! Whether you already have an account or are brand new, select the “Sign In” option on the right to begin.

If you already have an active AltspaceVR account, select “Sign in with AltspaceVR” and enter your account credentials to proceed.

(IMPORTANT: Please only select “Sign in with Microsoft” if you have already linked your AltspaceVR account. More information on account-linking can be found here. If you have not already linked account, simply select “Sign in with AltspaceVR” to log in.) Once you have entered your AltspaceVR account details, the app will re-launch and you can proceed to Step 3: Enter the Event.

If you need to create an new account, select the blue “Sign In” button on the right. You will be prompted to set up an account on the next page.

To create a new account, select the “No Account? Create One!” link at the bottom.

Almost done! Just enter your details to complete the account-creation process. Please remember, your Display Name and Username are public so we recommend choosing something that you are comfortable with other people seeing. (Don’t share private information in your username or display name.)

Once you have entered your AltspaceVR account details, the app will re-launch. Now you can customize your avatar by going to your Main Menu > Me > Avatar > Customize Avatar

Once you’re happy with the way you look you can proceed directly into the event.

(Tip: For those new to AltspaceVR you can find details about the controls in the Getting Started section of

Step 3: Enter the Event

To find the event, open your main menu by selecting the blue AltspaceVR logo at the bottom left of your view.

Navigate to the “Discover” tab. You will see the special event at the top, with a “Spotlight” banner. Click the “Enter” button to teleport into the event. Please note, if the “Enter” button appears greyed out, the doors have not yet opened.

Once you’re inside the event feel free to mingle. Every avatar is a real person, so go ahead and introduce yourself. When the event is ready to begin, you will hear from the event hosts. Have fun!