What can you do in AltspaceVR?

Posted on March 13, 2018

Back in October, we announced our incorporation in the Microsoft family. AltspaceVR will stay AltspaceVR; except this time around we’ve got a little giant on our corner, who is every bit as committed as us to being the best space to hang out in VR. Our community remains a friendly, welcoming a vibrant forum for virtual interaction.

As you all know, AltspaceVR is the leading social platform for Virtual Reality. It’s the virtual space of choice where you can meet people from all over the world. Play interactive games with friends. Create and participate and share events with a diverse community.

Enter and discover a vast array of free live events— where you can hang out and engage with real people in VR. Day or night, there is never a dull moment in AltspaceVR.

We support Daydream by Google, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and 2D Mode on Mac or PC as well as Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality. Whatever your platform, you are on the clear to engage in our global VR social network.

In addition to VR headsets, you can download the AltspaceVR Android app – so you can explore AltspaceVR on your phone screen in 2D mode using Mobile View. This means that even your friends without a VR headset can get in on the fun, and you can stay in touch with the latest events and your friends even when you’re far away from your headset. Which probably isn’t for long, if you’re an Altspacer… Make sure to download it today!

VR from the Community, for the Community.

Create an Activity:

In AltspaceVR, you can quickly and easily create activities. This is an intuitive way to get your friends, old and new, all together in Virtual Reality.

Enter AltspaceVR, log into your profile, and open your home menu. Choose Start Activity, and then House Party. You can make the activity friends-only or open to all the good people of AltspaceVR. In order to make an event go to altvr.com/events and create your own event. Share that URL with your friends to get everyone in the same space. If your friends have an android phone, they can join you in AltspaceVR in Mobile View.

Discover our Portals:

Create a portal, choose an activity, and invite your friends to join. Once you gain interest, everyone is teleported there together. The Party Portal is the way to connect in AltspaceVR. After you choose an activity, the portal will appear in front of you with a gold tether attached – so other people can click the portal and show their interest in joining. Once you’re ready to start, you will all be transported to the activity together— easy logistics, fast planning and no more waiting around.

Host your Next Meeting in Virtual Reality:

Why not hold your next meeting in Virtual Reality? At AltspaceVR you can hold meetings with unlimited attendees. You can create any sort of event – community discussions, meet-ups of any kind, book clubs, movie nights, open mic sessions  have a meditation session – it’s easy! Take advantages of limitless social VR, for your business, for your friends or just for exploration. And if you have any questions about how to set up your own event, get in touch with us at AltspaceVR and we’ll help you do it!

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