Your AltspaceVR: How to ignore and report bad actors

Posted on April 19, 2016

Thousands of people from around the planet have laughed at comedians, played games, learned languages, talked tech and watched concerts together in AltspaceVR. Our community never ceases to amaze us and we’re devoted to giving you tools to keep you comfortable, safe and having a good time.

If someone is bugging you or breaking our community standards, here’s some of the actions you can take:

24/7 support in AltspaceVR

There is at least one AltspaceVR teammate in AltspaceVR at all times. They have an AltspaceVR badge in their name tag. To bring up the name tag, tap the user’s avatar with your cursor. Please report any negative experiences to them.

“Block” feature

If someone is bugging you, bring up their nametag by clicking on the user’s avatar. Press “Block” to freeze their avatar in place. The block feature has been improved today so not only will you not see or hear them, they also won’t see you or hear you. To the bad actor, it will appear as if you left the space.

You can unblock users in the People menu.

Block image

Reach out

Fill out a form at to report any issues. We’re constantly monitoring feedback and swiftly addressing concerns.

We care about your experience in AltspaceVR. You’re our honored guests in this new medium we’re pioneering together. We’re working hard on our end to give you a good experience and, as always, are so appreciative of all of the ways you make AltspaceVR an amazing place to be.

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